Bacula backup solution

It comes in the night and sucks the essence from your computers …
I started playing around with the open-source network backup software on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 box and Dell Tape Library. Server instalation and Bacula installation went smoothly and without any problems. For easy configuration I have installed webmin and all problems started here. Webmin generate his own passwords for Bacula Directroy, Bacula Storage Deamon and Bacula File Deamon and those passwords are not same. I have lost 2 days for configuration and best way is not to use webmin for initial configuration. What really stunnes me is the huge amount of well-written documentation because this is  quite unusual for open-source products. After my problems with installation I have found a little detailed instruction on how to get Bacula started with Debian. Now I must configure clients; my coworker has made client packages (from src.rpm) for OpenEnterprise Server 2 which is now already installed and they communicate well with director. We have also some minor “password” problems with client for Windows 2003 Server but when you look at configuration files in Windows client and write down right passwords, everything run smoothly.

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