Upgrade Docker GitlabCE 12.x to 13.0.x with Postgres upgrade

Repair corrupted upgrade:

Simply copy config to restarting container

touch config
docker cp config gitlab:/opt/gitlab/sv/redis/log
docker cp config gitlab:/var/log/gitlab/gitaly
docker cp config gitlab:/opt/gitlab/sv/gitaly/log
docker cp config gitlab:/opt/gitlab/sv/postgresql/log

Gitlab will be started properly on next restart. But if you destroy image then you must run commands again. This doesn’t happened with newest or latest version 13.2.x. But to use latest, you need to upgrade Postgres database.

For upgrading Postgres you will need to make backup, then destroy container and delete volume from old container, create new container and import data from backup.

docker-compose exec -T service_name pg_dumpall -U username > pgdump

docker exec -i container_name psql -U username < pgdump

Hope, that this will help.

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