Ubuntu and Wayland

Ubuntu is moving to Wayland display server and leave X.org behind.

Ubuntu is the first of the major distributions who has the guts to stand up and say “no more”. Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu will switch to the brand-new and modern Wayland display server, maintaining compatibility with X.org by running X.org rootless inside Wayland. This way, the transition to Wayland can be gradual, minimising breakage. The first useful images should appear within a year, with the complete transition expected to take about four years, according to Shuttleworth.

 What is Wayland:

Wayland is a display server for the Linux desktop. Started by Kristian Høgsberg, one of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) members, the software’s stated goal is “every frame is perfect, by which I mean that applications will be able to control the rendering enough that we’ll never see tearing, lag, redrawing or flicker”.

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